Religious Gifts St. Benedict Medal Blue Enameled Silver-Tone 1-1/4 Inches

September 13, 2019 - Comment

Made in Italy Product Features Silver Tone Base / Enamel – 1 1/4 Inch H Same Day Shipping Related Products: Silver Christian Cross Heart Pendant I Love Jesus Necklace ,Jewelry with a Luxury Gift Bag for Easy Gift Giving Womans Necklace Birthdays Gifts For Women Gifts For Girls .925 Sterling Silver 925 Sterling Silver Dove


Anonymous says:

Best St. Benedict Medal I have found! I had been looking for a well made enamel St. Benedict medal and am very glad I stumbled upon this one on Amazon. Others I looked at were either too small or appeared to be carelessly made (enamel coloring covering letters and the like).This St. Benedict medal is well made and looks exactly like the pictures. The enamel coloring is carefully applied and is very attractive. The letters are clear and easy to read. Lightweight but strong, I anticipate it lasting a long time…

Anonymous says:

GREAT Great quality for the price. Everything is beautiful on it. The color pop with the silver is amazing. It didn’t come with a chain tho. The size is just right. Not to big or too little. You can see every little detail on the medal

Anonymous says:

Decent craftsmanship, but would purchase again I love it, but the metalwork is cheap. Buy hey, you get what you pay for! My keychain snapped off, so now I keep it as a medallion.I would rate it higher, but I bought my father a black and gold tone one (no longer in stock) for less money that was 10 times sturdier (and more beautiful).I keep it now as a charm/coin in my wallet.

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