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Fantastic, relaxing ballads I have really enjoyed listening to this new album! There are more low-key, relaxing songs on this album. It is different from most of their other albums, but it really does stand on it’s own two feet. Even if it doesn’t appeal to every person as a whole, I would say there is at least one song for everyone.The first release of ‘All You’ve Ever Wanted’ is a fantastic song for self reflection. A wonderful addition to our collection of Casting Crowns albums! It’s a great reminder that…

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Praise from prison ministry in Texas Love it!! It arrived in the mail just before I left for for a Bible Study in prison and we use CDs for worship.I took my new CD,still in the wrapper ,as got my mail before I got in the car to leave. I handed to the inmate who washelping with the worship music to look at and be started the music for the night with the song “Thrive”. I wasthrilled cause it was my favorite and the men were blessed. Thank you for your beautiful music and know God isusing it in…

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is aimed ( in my opinion) at the christian who is struggling to be the best they can be One more stellar cd from Christian musics most inspiring artists. Casting Crowns has taught me so many things as each cd seems to have a theme. This one.. is aimed ( in my opinion) at the christian who is struggling to be the best they can be.. the ones who still have their light lit.. but its not shining as brightly as it could.Everyone gets something different from each of their songs. Check them out. It may just change your life.

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