The Hornet’s Nest

November 24, 2018 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

This is quite possibly the most outstanding conflict footage ever captured and then ruined… I am a former Infantryman/11B in the Army and a combat veteran of both major theaters in the Global War on Terror. The combat footage in this documentary made me physically, mentally, and emotionally uncomfortable, such is it’s quality. So much to the point that I almost couldn’t finish it. It is my opinion that with respect to the footage proper, this is utterly seminal, industry redefining work. A magnum opus befitting a combat correspondent so experienced. It should, without qualification,…

Anonymous says:

Unexpected emotions and insight I also have to say this was probably the best documentary I have watched in a very long time. If you ever want to truly see and feel what our soldiers go through, I cannot think of a better option than this one. Mike Boettcher and his son Carlos have done an outstanding job. Up close and personal, you get to feel these soldiers are your family…you care about them….you feel what they feel……….and you come away SO thankful that there are those who volunteer to keep us safe. You also…

Anonymous says:

TOO MANY TEARS. When I started watching this film I was of the impression that it would be A typical documentary. But I was to be very wrong, as I watched this movie and got more and more into it. It dawned on me that this is something never seen before by the American public. I have seen video from the Vietnam war: discussing news documentary’s, but too see this film and see what truly happens in the middle of an actual battle, I can only say that all Americans should see this film for themselves. I cried in…

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