The Hiding Place

November 26, 2018 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

Amazing Movie About Real Love And Forgiveness in the Face of Hideous Cruelty and Suffering This is a riveting account of a well-off family who became convicted because of deep faith in Christ to hide Jewish people and families from the Nazis. They were eventually discovered and imprisoned. The movie is enacted extremely well – very excellent cinema compared to those “faith-based” films produced today. Think instead of the Shindler’s List – there are quotes and images from the movie which will echo in your brain for days. This is a true story and there is no sugar-coating…

Anonymous says:

There is No Pit Too Deep Where God Cannot Find You! I saw the movie, “The Hiding Place”, and then downloaded the book onto my android device. Both movie and book are marvelous. These ladies, Corrie and Betsie Ten Boom suffered such great hardships during the WWII Nazi occupation of Holland and still managed to retain their love of man, faith in God, and forgiveness even to those people who were very cruel to them. Betsie died in the concentration camp and Corrie was released because of a clerical error one week before the women of her…

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Make sure you get the right DVD! For some reason, Amazon seems to show a VHS picture and incorrectly list as 1.33:1 (non-widescreen) for the WESSCOTT MARKETING DVD. This is not correct. I own the Wesscott DVD and it is both remastered and in widescreen. It also comes with a 2nd DVD of great bonus material including a 1-hour “behind the scenes” extra, which despite its name is really mostly additional backstory to the events shown in the movie (which even uses numerous scenes that were not in the actual film), as…

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