Sing Over Me

November 30, 2018 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

Yes We Can This is a very inspirational story of a man who struggles with a private part of himself that his public lifestyle clashes violently with. Each failure to control his urges to live up to his own moral code while further damaging his self esteem, also makes him question his ability to live up to even the basic tenants of his faith. I was impressed with his willingness to do battle with these urges as many people often take the road more traveled saying, “I can’t help myself” or This is…

Anonymous says:

I love to hear Dennis Jernigan sing worship songs I love to hear Dennis Jernigan sing worship songs. They are so full of His love for God. This movie is an encourager for me. Although I’ve not struggled in the same ways Mr. Jernigan has, I have battled insecurity and a sense of hopelessness throughout my life. The honesty and the triumph this movie portrays helps me to see God for more of the loving Father He is rather than a God who desires to punish me and remind me of my failures. This would be an excellent resource for someone…

Anonymous says:

Incredible movie of true and permanent change from a homosexual lifestyle Outstanding movie! Dennis proves that you can change. Formerly a homosexual who “died” to the gay lifestyle-permanently back in 1981. Has since been married 30 years with 9 children. He is honest, sincere and completely open regarding his mis-identity as gay. The world should not define our identity. Our identity is formed and found in Jesus Christ. His message needs to be shared with the world and all of those struggling with this dark and painful lifestyle. Jesus is the only answer…

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