Shortest Way Home: C.S. Lewis & Mere Christianity

January 6, 2019 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

When debating the “doorknockers” like JW’s and LDS bikers As a Lutheran student since Kindergarten through college, the apologetics aspect of finally finding out why we believe what we believe has always been fascinating. When debating the “doorknockers” like JW’s and LDS bikers, I embarked on the apologetics line of thinking so finding out what turned an atheist into a believer was likewise interesting. I appreciated Lewis’ melding of the philosophical & spiritual reasoning which lead him to his conclusions. I would recommend this film as an…

Anonymous says:

This is the best no holds bared video on basic (mere) Christianity This is the best no holds bared video on basic (mere) Christianity. It keeps the viewers attention through-out the presentation and answers many questions for those who are searching. I have been a student of scripture for over 20 years and some of the ways that Lewis opens the truths of scriptures even blew my mind. I highly recommend it to anyone who has questions.

Anonymous says:

Worst acting of all time Worst acting of all time. Like, ever. Don’t mistake how bad the acting will be.However.The theologists and the writing otherwise capture Mere Christianity extremely well. I enjoyed every second of this since I wasn’t watching it for the acting.

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