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I really enjoyed this. I have never read any of Lewis”s … I really enjoyed this. I have never read any of Lewis”s books, however I really respect how he connected with Joys”s children, especially Douglas. He, Lewis, could relate how he had suffered losing his mother and that scene of he and Douglas weeping together just sealed the bond between them both. Being a social worker by trade, those kind of connections last a life time. I can say I respect the man, just for that, having not read one of his books.

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Excellent presentation As one who is very familiar with C. S. Lewis’s writings, and who has some familiarity with his life story, I found this televised play to be far superior to the 1993 version with Anthony Hopkins. In the later, Joy is brash, cheeky, and rude, and one wonders how Lewis didn’t hide under his chair on their first meeting. Though, with this version’s being relatively brief, it does not capture extensive dialogue between Jack and Joy (unrelated to the cancer, or to how they initially met), Jack’s…

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“This is only the land of shadows. Real life hasn’t begun yet.” – C. S. Lewis C. S. Lewis was a renowned Oxford medieval scholar and Christian author, of “The Chronicles of Narnia” and other faith-based books and articles. He was also a confirmed bachelor, but struck up a friendship w/American poet, Joy Davidman Gresham; and later agreed to a marriage of convenience after she was divorced to enable her and her two sons to stay in England. But what began as an act of charity became a deep and abiding love and they married again “before God”. Then Gresham…

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