Remember The Goal

December 29, 2018 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

A Must See!! Perfect Family Movie Wow wow wow, this was a excellent movie, we LOVED it, as a family we actually started to watch this one time before and turned it off not to far into the beginning because we completely misjudged it. Recently we were recommended this movie and thought we would give it a 2nd chance, there are a lot of movies that claim to be “Christian” or “family movies” that really are not, whoever said a movie needs to be worldly in order to captivate the audience or to be “so called”…

Anonymous says:

Not a cheesy movie! Before it started, my teen daughter asked, “Is this a cheesy movie with a message?” We both agreed that (1) not cheesy (2) the acting was surprisingly believable! (3) biblical truths came across without being preachy or awkward and (4) it was interesting! Neither of us are runners, but it didn’t bore us. The issues that each of the girls dealt with (as alluded to in the description) are very normal issues. There was nothing in this movie that was melodramatic or hokey. I am really glad…

Anonymous says:

Good Message I really like the message in the movie. This is a good movie to watch with the family or with a youth group. I do not consider this to be one of the best movies the creators of it have made. It has a good ending but could have been developed more. I do recommend the movie and it is worth the money. The creators of this movie have made some five star movies like Time Changer, Secrets of Jonathan Sperry and Amazing Love. This movie doesn’t measure up to that but is worth $12 or so and is…

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