Raising Matty Christian

November 9, 2018 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

Touched and inspired by Matty Such an incredible young man!This is truly a movie everyone should watch. Matty will lift your spirit and touch your heart. You will look at your own life differently after watching his story. I am so glad I came across his story, I hope others will be touched by Matty’s story. his family, friends, coaches, and everyone else that had a part in his life are so lucky to have been touched by him. I know I have been touched and will think about this for many many days to come.

Anonymous says:

Amazing Story/Bitter review Another victim of Americas insane war on drugs. When the only drugs available are highly addictive and dangerous prescription drugs this is what we end up with. Another victim of a prohibition that is literally causing the deaths of over 17,000 Americans a year! In my day we could “experiment” if so desired. And many of us did just that and you know how many deaths occurred as a result? NONE! Try to find a town today where that is the story. Since then the game has changed thanks to our…

Anonymous says:

An inspiring and heartbreaking story, beautifully told . . . This was a really amazing film. I don’t want to repeat what everyone else is writing in their reviews, about how inspirational it is, except there isn’t really another good way to put it. The documentary itself is exceptionally well-crafted, and the story of the life of Matty Christian will make you want to cry, but will give you new perspective on life, and the difference a person can make. Watch it. Really.

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