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Winner of a 2004 ECPA Gold Medallion AwardWinner of an Award of Excellence in the 2003 Chicago Book ClinicWhat is real?What is truth? What can we know? What should we believe? What should we do and why? Is there a God? Can we know him? Do Christian doctrines make sense? Can we believe in God in the face of evil? These are fundamental questions that any thinking person wants answers to. These are questions that philosophy addresses. And the answers we give to these kinds of questions serve as the the foundation stones for consrtucting any kind of worldview. In Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview J.P. Moreland and William Lane Craig offer a comprehensive introduction to philosophy from a Christian perspective. In their broad sweep they seek to introduce readers to the principal subdisciplines of philosophy, including epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of science, ethics and philosophy of religion. They do so with characteristic clarity and incisiveness. Arguments are clearly outlined, and rival theories are presented with fairness and accuracy. Philosophy, they contend, aids Christians in the tasks of apologetics, polemics and systematic theology. It reflects our having been made in the image of God, helps us to extend biblical teaching into areas not expressly addressed in Scripture, facilitates the spiritual discipline of study, enhances the boldness and self-image of the Christian community, and is requisite to the essential task of integrating faith and learning. Here is a lively and thorough introduction to philosophy for all who want to know reality.

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  1. What's new with the 2nd edition? I've not yet read the 2nd Edition, but I very much value the first edition. I'm writing this so that potential buyers of the 2nd edition can see what has been added. The following info comes directly from the IVP Academic press kit for the book:The new edition includes the following: Additional comments on truth and truth-makers Two completely new chapters on versions of substance dualism and physicalist alternatives to substance dualism Updated cosmogonic...

  2. Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview Review This was the required text for the Philosophy of Religion course I took over the past summer at my SBC seminary. I found that Moreland and Craig did an impeccable job of working through the basics of philosophy while maintaining the rigorous nature of doing good philosophy. As a "B" type student, the text offered a good look at entry level philosophy.It might be difficult for someone attempting to learn or understand the basics of philosophy as a first primer - that person...

  3. A Marvelous Bridge To Deeper Reflections On The Christian Faith As a pastor, preacher and communicator of God's truth to both Christian and Non-Christian alike, this book is highly commended. It will grow your mind, heart, vocabulary and confidence in the Christian Faith. Drs. Moreland and Craig are leading Christian apologists who live out the reality of what they write, defend and teach. Even though there are places in the book where you have to read and reread a couple of times, the authors provide a vocbulary checklist at the end of each chapter. I... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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