Paul The Apostle

November 28, 2018 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

I did enjoy it and was disappointed it didn’t go further into … I did enjoy it and was disappointed it didn’t go further into the life of Paul during and after Rome. I would suggest people to read the book of Acts and some of Pauls letters later on to see what wasn’t shown. I appreciated the review about the coming of the Holy Spirit just as a strong wind. That should have been portrayed so much better withe the different nationalities being able to hear in their own language. Also I thought it was a bit humerous to show the baptisms as a little…

Anonymous says:

I really liked the acting of Paul There were many discrepancies in this film, and the part added about Reuben and Dina is not in the scriptures. I also seen one scene where James (whose throat was slashed on the temple steps, also not scriptural since James was beheaded) baptized believers by immersion. This is the correct way that the scriptures speak of baptism. The way John, The Baptist baptized the Lord. To be buried with Christ in baptism requires a complete covering of water, as the earth covers one in death. Most used…

Anonymous says:

Not perfect, but good — maybe 25% scripturally accurate I read several reviews before watching this movie with my family, and I wanted to add in my perspective. I estimated this movie is about 25% scriptural. The latter half has a lot more scriptural accuracy; The first 70 minutes has some elements of Scripture, but a lot of extra scenes. I don’t mind the extra scenes, although some of my younger children were disturbed by the violence (e.g. Stoning). I definitely Think it was worth watching. It’s not perfect, but good.

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