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Anonymous says:

Change is good I am a Christian. I hear and understand the complaints by other Christians that this is not a Christian gospel-themed movie. It is not. Nevertheless, it is a clean and wholesome movie. Considering what is out there, I was happy to watch it. The acting is no worse than many low budget films around, but change for the better is good. Sure I would have loved to see Christ center stage as He is in my life and those I love. But in this day and age, I am still gladdened to see a film I would…

Anonymous says:

Christian Movie by Implication – in my opinion Sin/Repentance/Forgiveness/Restitution. It is all here. This is definitely a kid or young teen flick. My 15-year-old daughter liked it well enough to watch it several times. I watched it with her the first time because of the reviews here that it wasn’t a “Christian” movie. At 36:07 the daughter mentions that at church they talked about sin and repentance and making up for what you did wrong (restitution). All biblical principles. The son is shown next in his room on his knees praying. Now to…

Anonymous says:

Decent for tweens/teens. well done film for tweens/teens. I don’t know what people expect going into a teeny bopper film, but there seems to be a lot of bad reviews based on overly high expectations. It’s a sweet clean film, about turning your life around and making better choices. I felt the movie was very clear that the main character was specifically targetting the kids that attended church, in a few different occasions, unlike the other commenters that said he was a jerk to everyone. The only kids we saw him…

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