Not Since You

December 14, 2018 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

If you’ve reconnected with your first love, you might enjoy this. I don’t know that I would have enjoyed this movie had I not experienced it. It’s about reconnecting with the one you think got away. And how we build them up in our minds, not the realty of who they are, or who you think they could have been if they chose you. Without giving up the ending, I’ll just say that I reunited with the one and realized that I married the real one, not the dream guy I built up over the year’s and I am grateful that I never have to feel that what if moment again.So…

Anonymous says:

I would say don’t watch unless you like to be bored I would say don’t watch unless you like to be bored, really bored. Several story lines going on which none of them are believeable. The only good thing is that it has an ending. I thought several times about ending it myself but I didn’t have time to start anything else so I watched it to the credits rolled. The only good thing I got from it is there were some right decisions made by the characters in the story, opposite of what you normally get out of Hollywood.

Anonymous says:

Good story line You could tell this was a low budget movie as the acting wasn’t all that great. But with that said, I found myself very drawn to the story line. I like to watch movies while I’m on the treadmill (helps time go faster) and I can usually get through half a movie while on my 60 min walk. But this movie had me so drawn in I landed up walking the 1.5 hours without even realizing it.

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