Loving The Bad Man

March 15, 2019 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

“Just love your abuser enough and they’ll change and be nice!!!!” That’s how it works, according to this movie. The message of this movie is that it is the victim’s duty and obligation to forgive and even actively love those that have harmed them. The main character is a young woman who is randomly attacked and raped, which leads to pregnancy. She chooses to keep the baby and then decides that God wants her to forgive her attacker and introduce him to his baby. She seems thrilled to do this, exhibiting no hint of the trauma and fear that victims feel toward their attackers. When her family finds out and…

Anonymous says:

Horrendously terrible. I went into this movie with an idea that it probably would be not the best movie, or that it might be thought-provoking. It was absolutely horrendous!!! Finding a sort of forgiveness for those who hurt you is one thing, it is about cleansing oneself from toxic hatred and freeing oneself. Loving the bad man, the rapist, is absurd beyond proportion!!!! This movie is completely insulting to all women, to all victims and to humans as a whole. This movie is really some god awful propaganda and…

Anonymous says:

Zero stars It can’t get much worse than this, fake religious sentiment passing for spiritual connection. This filth would never have made it to a vehicle like Prime if a minority of people hadn’t taken leave of their senses and decency in the last few decades.

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