Let There Be Light

November 13, 2018 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

Thank you…great movie with a very powerful life changing message! Wow…I really needed to watch this. Been going through a really hard time right now and many difficult things have been happening in my life. My attitude towards God and my faith in Him has not been as strong lately as it has been in other times in my life. This movie was totally refreshing and brought me closer to my faith and the reason for even being here on this earth has returned. I have ALWAYS loved Kevin Sorbo as a die hard “Hercules” fan but when he became a believer and…

Anonymous says:

A Sorbo family affair made for families everywhere! This is an absolutely wonderful movie and is now tied for 1st place amongst my favorite movies. One of which is another Kevin Sorbo move “What If”. I truly enjoyed watching Kevin, his wife, Sam, and their sons in this movie. It made the move all the more realistic. Nevertheless, the characters portrayed in the movie are exceptionally realistic. The fact is, many who come to know and love Jesus are like Dr. Sol including me. While I was not an atheist, I was brought up in a completely…

Anonymous says:

I wish that Hollywood would produce more films like this, as was done in the Classic Era … This is one of those truly inspirational movies that Hollywood simply doesn’t promote or produce anymore! In fact, when it was released in theatres on the big screen, it apparently did not screen in Hollywood; but rather, it screened only in a few theatres outside of Hollywood and in the perimeters of Los Angeles, at least as far as I could tell! I had to wait until it was released on DVD to finally see it. Kevin Sorbo delivers an outstanding performance as an atheist who has his own…

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