Journey From Unbelief to Faith

December 12, 2018 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

Powerful! Powerful testimonies! Each of these four experiences is a unique, non traditional journey to Jesus Christ. In each story, it is clear the the Holy Spirit guided each person to Jesus. The truth is that in all of our lives, God does the work–puts the desire within a person to seek him, charts the course to Himself, and converts that soul into belief in Him. He may use the medium of a fellow human being to plant a seed or share a scripture or perform an act, but the work of conversion is all…

Anonymous says:

Dry but full of truth and covers multiple faiths and ideals I am a born again tribal Jew. Brought up with the background of Orthodox Jewish traditions but growing up in the Christian faith. I went to a Nazarene church, attended a Baptist school and dealt the discouragement of being shunned because of my blood and by home life. It made me want to learn other faiths and search what I believed and why. This covers so many of the questions and experiences that I went through and is biblically sound, non-judgmental and a great way to learn, dig and tell…

Anonymous says:

Honest and sincere… well worth the watch! A very simple, straightforward documentary about four, very different people who came to faith. I love the simplicity of the production and scripting. Every storyteller does a great job going through their tale very clearly without confusion or sidetracking. The first storyteller, Mrs. Pat Burke, had a difficult childhood and her story of how she came to faith despite all the “churchgoers” in her life that didn’t really try to connect with her had me shaking me head in disbelief! She…

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