In His Steps

December 17, 2018 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

I really enjoyed it… I think it may have started off a little sluggish, but as for all the comments about the acting, it wasn’t that bad or it got a whole lot better. I honestly don’t remember. I got involved in the movie and with the characters and it didn’t cross my mind. So, they either got a whole lot better or I got a whole lot better at relating to them.Anyway, it has a few different points being made. They main point pretty much summed up to, ‘ are you right with God? ‘. I’m not asking, ‘ what would…

Anonymous says:

Real Authentic Change wins the day….decent film… In His Steps is a decent movie with a positive message about faith. The Church in a small town has become complacent in their faith, they go to worship every week- but don’t really live authentically as the Christians they proclaim to be. When a homeless man comes to town looking for work and is repeatedly turned away and mistreated, he speaks up during church and really asks the congregation what it means to be a Christian. This interaction sparks the pastor to make some dramatic changes in…

Anonymous says:

The writer did an amazing jog depicting real christian problems The writer did an amazing jog depicting real christian problems. Low budget acting – I’ve come to like low budget acting. Have you seen what kind of filth blockbuster actors are playing? Just a great film in terms of getting a christian message across. the story is 4 stars, maybe 3.5, but some of the scenes were very real issues and well done and therefore deserves a 4.5. I’m giving it a 5 to get more people to watch. WWJD!!!

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