In God’s Time

November 18, 2018 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Different but enjoyable Christian themed film… This movie was different, but moving and enjoyable nonetheless. The story line starts off very mysteriously with 4 seemingly unrelated characters each going through a difficult time in life for various reasons. The old man Charlie is sort of a representation of God the grand watchmaker. He gives his watch to Jerry, which starts off a chain reaction of interactions and personal changes that lead the 4 characters to find each other and repair lost relationships. It was a good Christian themed…

Anonymous says:

May God bless this great nation and lead us but to His ways I was wanting to watch a calm movie just to pass the evening. So thankful I happened upon this one. Such a blessing to my heart! God is watching out for us; we have to look for His intervention. May God bless this great nation and lead us but to His ways.

Anonymous says:

Watch this!! Um, this was excellent on so many different levels. Its a bit slow moving at times, but 100% worth a watch. It just might be something you need to see.

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