I Can Only Imagine

November 24, 2018 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

My favorite movie so far of 2018 This is an excellent Christian film. It’s also my favorite movie so far of 2018. Its creators, the Erwin Brothers, became famous making Christian music videos such as “Slow Fade” and then moved into movies: October Baby, Moms’ Night Out, Woodlawn, and now I Can Only Imagine, all of which I’ve seen. This is a movie about what inspired the writing of a very popular contemporary Christian song, “I Can Only Imagine”, a song about heaven. So far this movie has done really well…

Anonymous says:

This movie was one of the best faith movies I have seen This movie was one of the best faith movies I have seen!! So inspiring, uplifting! Deals with forgiveness which is sometimes so hard to do, but with God’s grace he makes it possible to forgive others that have wronged us!! I have pre ordered it and I can’t wait to receive it and add it to my collection!!

Anonymous says:

INSPIRING MESSAGE THAT SHOWS HOW FORGIVENESS SETS US FREE TO BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF OURSELVES. This movie reminded me of some of my own hurts I’m still working through. It was inspiring and moving without milking the tearjerking opportunities. It was very well done with good acting and a natural storyline that held together. Forgiving those who hurt us, receiving gracious forgiveness from God, and last but not least, forgiving ourselves this movie does a beautiful job illustrating these 3 pillars of emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Authenticity is the key message of this movie. It…

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