Grace Unplugged

December 3, 2018 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

Solid Good pacing; storyline pretty good; in-depth characterization; some dynamic changes; acting and dialogue OK but improve dramatically as the story continues. The difficult trick with Christian movies is that they often fall into didactic (or preachy) dialogue, although sometimes that would be realistic; there’s some of that here but it’s much more tolerable (and sounds less self-righteous) than in other movies of type and genre. As a musician, I wish they would have explored the differences…

Anonymous says:

Inspirational movie for parents and teens This was a great film for parents to watch with their teens. It shows the struggles that young adults have when they go off on their own and the temptations they face that are put in front of them every day. And for parents, it is a reminder that when kids leave home, they are out of our hands but they are in the hands of God and that He is ultimately in control. Okay, as the mother of one who has left the nest and another who is getting ready to launch, maybe I was a little extra emotional…

Anonymous says:

Grace unplugged was a great film that talks about what happens when your value … Grace unplugged was a great film that talks about what happens when your value system gets challenged by fame and success in the music industry. It also shows how the music industry moulds people into saleable items. This story shows when one very talented musician / vocalist named Grace feels limited in her music with her father. When her father is asked to make a comeback from a very successful song, he declines because it almost ruined his life. His daughter records the track with her feel…

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