Good People Go To Hell, Saved People Go To Heaven

May 14, 2019 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

doc about true believers amazing what people still believe. LA is one of the poorest most polluted states and prayin g won’t help cure this, in fact it makes it worse if one thinks it will cure a problem by asking an imaginary god. I am amazed at the self centeredness of these people want an apartment ask god etc. Yep your god gave you an apartment while millions died of easily cured diseases. Am sure as his son says the guy dragging the cross around is sincere but no if he decides i am having a bad day am not…

Anonymous says:

Leave the gays outta it, plz. I am tired of bein your whipping boy! 4 Stars for showing life and sincerity of E Free. I liked this movie and it flowed nicely. Wife and I were married in an Evangelical Free church, then she left me prior to 4th anniversary As a health care professional who deals w/psych issues daily, I should have had my stopwatch out to see just how long these folks will go before they bring out the perennial whipping boy, namely my lgbtqqabdsm brothers and sisters….and, oh yeah, canNOT forget to throw in the evil twin issue,…

Anonymous says:

The Preacher’s Kid This isn’t the easiest review I’ve ever written. I’ve waited uneasily to watch this documentary for a while. My family is one of the ones featured in the documentary.Very few of my friends know that my dad wears a robe and carries a cross in public. I don’t spare them this detail because I’m ashamed; I just feel it changes their perspective of my family and of me.I understand that the outsider looks in and sees a nut, but what they don’t care to see is a man who does…

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