God, Where Are You?

December 4, 2018 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

Finding faith and meaning… This film is a well done portrayal of a man who has lost everything in his life and is struggling with faith and meaning. Sonny was a successful boxer who ends up killing a man in a boxing match. After the incident, he loses everything and spirals into depression and alcohol abuse. The story is something we can all relate to in one way or another, even if our life circumstances are not as severe. I liked how there were other characters in the story that were also helped by Malachi, all…

Anonymous says:

Simple, yet wrestles with the deep questions we all wonder about. A wholesome movie. Simple yet has applications of life’s deep questions that we wonder about. It is hard enough to figure out our lives Let alone how all of our lives are more so intertwined with others that we had no idea of. This movie propels the message that is echoed in the Bible that much of our lives will remain a mystery yet when we put our trust in God, and seek His kingdom all things do work out with our divine purpose in mind.

Anonymous says:

It was really good I was surprised that I really enojoyed this movie It was really good I was surprised that I really enojoyed this movie. Shows what blessings we still have even during our dark times. God is always there! Loved the actors especially malachi carpenters character. Watch it.

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