Ancestral Recall

March 30, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Power in modern jazz I look on the review pages and see artists reviewed who to me don’t deserve the least amount of credit. I’m just hoping that jazz fans will be singing praises for this adventurous musical journey called Ancestral Recall brought to us by the most creative trumpet player since Miles, Christian Scott. What he did here with this musical genre is amazing. I have not listened to much world music, and really much of anything other than jazz, pop and R & B, but the way he mixed elements of…

Anonymous says:

Better and better Christian Scott aTunde Ajuah keeps getting better and better. After peaking with Stretch Music a few years ago, he branched out into more electronic tunes, with beats, in three albums last year. Perhaps that spread him a bit thin (the middle record of the 3 is the only CSaA album I don’t love). But this effort is new, different, focused, yet sprawling. His horn sounds great; the beats and percussion blend seamlessly; Elena Pinderhughes and Logan Richardson(!) make terrific guests. There’s…

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