Acts of the Apostles – Part 1

November 15, 2018 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

A MUST SEE!!! WOW! This enactment/movie literally had Dean Jones (Luke) reading the Book of Acts and then visual enactments (as an actual movie) plays. It was so awesome. We’ll be watching it again! It’s a movie and you’ll not even realize that it is word for word the Book Of Acts being read and played out before your eyes. A must see for everyone.

Anonymous says:

I enjoyed all the movies in this series. Movie was great, I loved all the movies in this series. I especially like when the movie is reciting the Bible while the acting is following along. Scenes and acting are great.

Anonymous says:

Over the Top Dean Jones has surprised me on two levels – as an Actor in the 50’s with Disney – all I ever saw of him was goofy movies and would not say he was my favorite. This book of Acts is done expertly and with grace and dignity and I enjoyed it immensely. I am an avid student of G-d’s word and this was a blessing to read. Mr. Jones also does a one man play of St.John in Exile and I was totally blown away with the talent of this man and the excellence of his performance. How underrated he has been…

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