A Man Called Jon

November 17, 2018 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

A great story about misfits A great story about misfits finding their place. God made us all exactly the way He meant to. We all have a place.

Anonymous says:

Lost opportunity All through the movie, they talked about “Shoutin’ Jon,” but we barely get to see it. The last scene, which should have been the climax, shows the camera almost furtively or apologetically tracking him running once around the church. No shoutin’. To make matters worse, the last scene is a publicity scene, advertising the new church. We wanted to see him get lost in the Word and celebrate that, not introduce a radio singer at the last minute and shift the attention from God’s Word to her…

Anonymous says:

C Grade Movie Really stupid movie about an associate pastor who runs laps around the entire interior of the church during the Senior Pastor’s sermons. According to the movie, this disruptive behavior is inspired by the Holy Spirit. When he is fired for this, he is mistakenly reassigned to a black church. There, he faces race-based hostility from another pastor, but eventually, everyone realizes that this is where he fits in. That is, everyone in the black church dances, etc., like him. The acting and…

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