A Box of Faith

November 29, 2018 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

Very enjoyable, original film This was SUCH a cute movie!If you can only stomach big budget, polished Hollywood movies, then this may not be for you. BUT, if you can appreciate a sweet, uplifting film with a positive message and a clean storyline – albeit on a lower budget – then you really may like this one.It has a Christian message, but it does not come across as preachy. In fact, the message is, for the most part, very subtle, and instead focuses on HOW a young girl manages when left to her one…

Anonymous says:

Life can be a challenge . . . It’s unfortunate that most Christian movies don’t have the budget that Hollywood produced movies get, but they do with what they have and God adds the rest . . . He did, after all, feed over five thousand people with just five loaves of bread and two fish. Loved the disappearing letters btw.Savanah McMahon did a wonderful job in this movie – not that the others didn’t, but since she was the leading character she was in the spotlight. Some might say this movie was predictable – but…

Anonymous says:

A must see movie. Excellent movie! This movie has a wonderful story-line about having faith and trust in God in all circumstances of life. There are some tender and touching moments in this film that may bring a smile to your face or tear to your eye. This young girl faces a test of her faith in difficulty but through her resourcefulness and trust in God is able to survive. Savanah McMahon is a great young actress with great potential in movies. I saw her also in the starring role in “Desert Redemption”…

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